Industrial Rubber Products Group

Products for Offshore Engineering

We produce products that ease the shock generated when ships come alongside the pier.

Not only limited to fishing boats and small boats, but can be implemented on large ships such as ferries, cargo ships, tankers, etc.

Product Characteristics

General Fender
Fenders that can be implemented on small boats to large ships.
We are able to manufacture fenders with a different rubber material.
The length of fenders range from 1 meter longer than the active length (working length) to 2500mm counted in 100mm units.
High Performance Fenders
Supports small boats to large ships.
By reforming the general fender, realization of high absorption energy and low reaction force was made available.
The margin of safety is improved due to the compression reduction specification, therefore reducing the negative effects on the ship.
Fenders for Fishing Ports
Fenders manufactured for small boats such as fishing boats.
The design is based on the"curve of the surface"and is structured to "make contact from any penetration angle".
Large Fenders
Hexagonal fender.
By implementing the shock-absorption-board on the entirety of the fender, the surface compression can be adjusted, therefore minimizing the effects bestowed on the ship.
The product can be implemented on large ships such as ferries, cargo ships, tankers, etc.
Caisson Friction Augmenting Mattress"Caisson Rubber"
証明書 With a laying rate of 30±2.5% for the caisson basal aspect and upward of a laying rate of 25% for high reaction force aspect, this "Caisson Rubber" is friction enhancement rubber mat which can be secure over 0.8 frictional coefficient. By dissolution test following Act for the Prevention of Marine Pollution and Maritime Disasters, there is no containing Harmful Substances. Occurring up to 50 years later, decreasing rate of frictional coefficient for matter itself,"Caisson Rubber", will be within 5%.
Other Fenders
We provide pneumatic fenders, round fenders, angled fenders, fenders for corners.