Environmental Activities

Environmental Policy

We at Meiji Rubber & Chemical Co., Ltd. have formulated an environmental policy, consisting of "basic philosophy" and "fundamental principle", to set objectives regarding our principles of action of the environmental management system and participation in the conservation of our environment.

[Basic Philosophy]
We, Meiji Rubber & Chemical Co., Ltd, will promote the manufacturing of environmentally friendly rubber and plastics products with the participation of all employees to contribute to global environmental preservation, and will address the SDGs by utilizing our recycling technology for plastics products accumulated over more than half a century.
[Fundamental Principle]
  1. We strive to continuously improve the state of our environment and prevent contamination by appointing our environmental objective, bringing to light the causes and effects on the environment, and periodically performing reassessments of the situation.
  2. We will abide to the legislations concerning our environment and to the requirements that we agree to.
  3. We will promote recycling, reduction of waste substances, and the effective usage of resources.
  4. We will promote reduction of energy and CO2 emissions、and strive to prevent global warming.
  5. We will promote the substitution, emission-reduction, and certification of hazardous substances.
  6. We strive to develop eco-friendly products that can be recycled, that are resources that can be utilized efficiently, are safe, and can be disposed.
  7. We contribute to the biodiversity and the ecosystem protection in the Sakawa-gawa River system by strictly observing the Water Pollution Control Act and the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act.
  8. We will promote co-existence with regional societies by conducting beautification campaigns and through communication.
  9. The said environmental policy will be the common knowledge of our staff through environmental education while promoting awareness of our environment. These conducts and philosophy will be publicly announced.

From our employees to the president. Structuring to lessen the burden on our environment.

Meiji Rubber & Chemical Co., Ltd. has established the environmental conservation board in 1978 and has actively participated in environmental conservation activities.

Starting with the attempt to acquire the ISO14001 certificate in 1999, we at Meiji Rubber & Chemical Co., Ltd. have inaugurated the administration organization of environmental management and by 2004, through keeping our sights on the co-existence with society, have commenced the handling of environmental services by the service management division.

Currently, other than annually pursuing an environmental objective, we have set a further objective to accomplish in a 3 year time period and are formulating specific results in numbers and actions based on 6 themes.

Environmental Objective

We at Meiji Rubber & Chemical Co., Ltd. have started, since 2000, to set environmental objectives (3 year span objective/1 year span objective) in order to effectively implement improvement of matters that affect the environment.

Administration Organization of Environmental Management

The administration organization of environmental management is composed of 4 committees under the TQM (Total Quality Management) promotion committee.

Environment improvement is the shared awareness through out the world.

It is an issue that threatens the continuance of an enterprise if they are unable to conform to these standards.

We acknowledge these standards and strive to reduce the environmental burden by coming together as a team to eliminate ineffective actions within our establishment.