Industrial Rubber Products Group

Rubber is behind all scenes

We produce 5 types of hoses that are fundamental to the driving and braking of 4 wheel and 2 wheel vehicles.

All of our products under this category are superior, due to the fact that the reliability of the parts determines the safety of the car and driver, in heat resistance and durability, specifically our rubber break hose that boasts world leading technology regarding low-expansion and high durability.

Our production line offers products with attributes such as noise-reduction, high pressure, etc. allowing customers to request our highly reliable products in accordance to the vehicle or the performance.

Our production bases are located in 10 countries and regions overseas, including the U.S.A and Thailand, therefore allowing smooth and stable delivery in a world wide scale.

Please feel free to contact us about low cost, environment friendly products as well.

produts details

Main produts

  • Brake hose
  • Power steering hose
  • AT oil cooler hose
  • Engine oil hose
  • Fuel hose

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