Industrial Rubber Products Group

Roller products

We produce roller products, necessary in paper production and steel production sites, utilizing material befitting to the production such as rubbers, plastics, and carbon.

Product Characteristics

Carbon Roller
Optimal design and production of composite rollers by Meiji Rubber & Chemical Co., Ltd. that suits your needs are possible through the filament winding method.
By utilizing various high efficiency carbon fibers, our products boast low inertia, super light weight, and superior durability.
Plastic Rollers
We utilize special reinforced plastics that can emit little heat and can withstand heavy-loads for our paper production rollers.
Our products boast high friction resistance which reduces the risk of scratches and cracks and is highly regarded in the industry.
Rubber Rollers
The technologies of Meiji Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd., with an history of 100 years, is accumulated within these rollers.
With a solid line up of over 30 variations, our line up of rubber rollers is superior in heat tolerance, friction resistance, and durability.
Urethane Rollers
Other than carbon, plastic, rubber rollers, we product urethane rollers as well.
Superior in heat tolerance and friction resistance, and water resistance.
Steel Manufacturing Rollers
We produce superior rollers with chemical resistance, heat tolerance, solvent resistance, and resistance of chromic acids.