Industrial Rubber Products Group

Anti-vibration rubber

The attributes of anti-vibration rubber include vibration, racket, and shock absorption and prevents impact on its surroundings to create a quiet environment.

By implementing the product to the footing of engines and other devices that vibrate, you can prevent the effects of vibrations on peripheral devices and its environment.

We at Meiji Rubber & Chemical Co., Ltd. provide support to the designs of our clients with our order made anti-vibration rubbers and contribute to the structuring of facilities, etc.

Product Characteristics

Anti-Vibration Rubbers for Aerogenerators

Our prime task concerns the re-examination of recent methods of energy generation.

The concerns of the industry focuses on environment-friendly and safety aspects of aerogeneration.

Anti-Vibration Rubbers for Ship Related Devices

We produce anti-vibration rubbers based on the standards of the ministry of defense (NDS F7501D).

We also produce products outside the standards of the ministry of defense.