Flex Hose Group

Tank lorry hose

Hose number Main applications
Light-weight hoses with a smooth inner surface to be used for both white and black oil.
0955F-R These hoses have a smooth inner surface and are also appropriate for black oil such as heavy oil, lubricants, and vegetable oil.
0951F series These hoses are effective for metal-abrasive chemicals such as hydrochloric and hypochlorous acids.
0969LF series A standard chemical hose targeted on solvents and most other types of chemicals.
0970F series These hoses represent the best of the 0951F series in terms of resistance to abrasive chemicals such as hydrochloric and hypochlorous acid.
0976F series The specifications of these hoses are top class, and they can be used for fuming sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid, and other substances that cannot be used with conventional chemical hoses.
General utilization conditions
  • Temperature range: -20°C - +80°C / Please consult us for usage above +80°C
  • Maximum pressure: 1.0MPa (10.0kgf/cm2)?1.4MPa (14.0kgf/cm2)

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