Flex Hose Group

Fire safe hose

These hoses employ aluminum, glass fiber, and polyester fiber in multiple layers in the external covering, and also heat-resistant materials such as fluorocarbon resin film, resulting in superb heat resistance.

(Note) These flameproof properties exceed those of the basic cloth used in special fire-proof uniforms worn by fire fighters.

Hose number Main applications
0944 Appropriate for vapor collecting pipe systems of loading arms used for cargo such as petroleum derivatives and chemicals.
0944-1 Appropriate for air ducts installed in places with high levels of radiant heat such as around blast furnaces of steel plants.
0944-2 Appropriate for delivering cooling water and lubricating oil (to be discussed separately) installed in places with high levels of radiant heat such as around blast furnaces of steel plants.
0944-3 Top-level specifications within the series of flame-resistant hoses.
These hoses can be used in an extremely wide range of applications.
0944-4 Appropriate for cooling water piping systems that require insulation such as around blast furnaces of steel plants.
(Remark) For usage in places subject to high levels of radiant heat, specify hose number 0944-6.
0946 Chemical flame-resistant hoses
* These hoses result from improvements on the 0944-2 and are used with a wide range of chemicals due to the stainless steel employed in the internal wires of contact areas.
* The hose number for external wires made of stainless steel is 0946-S.
General special specifications products The external covering of every Meijiflex hose such as those of the 0901F/0951F/0969F series employs flame-resistance materials.
Therefore, these hoses are extremely efficient against fire where they are normally used.
General utilization conditions
  • Temperature range: -20°C - +80°C
  • Room temperature: max +500°C
  • Maximum pressure: 1.0MPa (10.0kgf/cm2

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