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Cargo hose

  • Transportation efficiency has been dramatically improved.
  • In the newly-developed F series, the internal liquid flow is smoother thanks to a smoothed inner surface.
  • This epoch-making hose reduces cargo loading time by approximately 15%.(It has been shown that the reduction in time may reach 20% in some cases.)
  • In terms of safety, the hose has been qualified for the IMO chemical code by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK) like the previous type.

(Note) This hose has been certified to comply with the international standard IMO chemical code.
It is possible to obtain certificates of compliance issued by classification societies such as Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK).

Hose number Main applications
0969F series This is a multi-purpose hose for general use with abrasive and volatile chemicals. This type of hose achieves lower pressure loss and permits easier cleaning due to a newly-developed smooth inner surface.
0969 series This is a standard hose for use with volatile chemicals.
0982 series The range of applications of this hose is wide and includes solvents such as B.T.X ketone and alcohols.
0998 series This hose is effective for abrasive chemicals such as strong sulfuric acid. However, do not use volatile chemicals because of their lower electric conductivity.
*Sizes of up to 3" are classified as belonging to hose code 0951 series.
0976F series This is a multi-purpose hose with the highest specifications within the chemical hose series and can also be used with fuming sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid.
Special specifications
This hose has chemical resistance on both inner and outer surfaces and is intended for operations inside liquid tanks (can be submerged in liquids).
General utilization conditions
  • Temperature range: -20°C - +80°C / Please consult us for usage above +80°C
  • Maximum pressure: 1.0MPa (10.0kgf/cm2

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