Plastic Group


Our line of products are produced with consideration concerning the conservation of the environment.

Product Characteristics

Filling for Stack Gas Desulfurization Facilities -Grid-
By filling the stack gas desulfurization device, discharge of hydrogen sulfide, air contaminants, etc. are controlled.
Safety Appliances for Construction Sites -Color Cone-
Our products use recycled materials and are certified by EcoMark.
Product includes cone beds.
Recycled Plastic Modifier -NoHCl-
Controls the acidic gas (including hydrogen chloride) emitted from recycled plastics when reproducing them from industrial waste and general waste.

You can expect the improvement in corrosion suppression, durability, etc. of metallic molds used in molding machines, as well as maintenance cost reduction.

You can also expect better control of bubble formation, that deteriorates the quality of recycled products,leading to quality advancement and betterment of the working environment.

*NoHCl is a registered trademark of Meiji Rubber & Chemical Co., Ltd.