Corporate Development

Established in 1900.

As a pioneer of Industrial rubber production, we have persistently contributed to the industrial world with our everlasting resource of technology.

As a forerunner of the industry prior to the second world war, we have supplied industrial rubber products to numerous heavy industries and chemical industries.

While contributing to the development of the rubber industry, during the post war era, we had survived the chaotic times ahead of our competitors, absorbed the advanced technologies of the west, and took the central role in achieving the development of industries in Japan.

Currently, while producing in the rubber industry, we have expanded our business to the plastic industry, ever exhibiting our distinct color.

Our line of products, which are increasingly favored by industries in our related field, are manufactured in the highest quality, obtained predicting the necessities of our clients, ever experimenting for newer technologies, and continuously improving our productivity.

We are focused on continuously producing high quality/high end products, never forgetting our motto to widely contribute to our society.


1900 Establishment of Partnership Firm Meiji Rubber Production
1901 The first ever naval force specific factory for rubber production in Japan
Has since produced battery containers for submarines, railway products, rubber mats, rubber mills for paper manufacturing,
suction hoses, solid tires, airplane tires, thrust axis rubber rolls, high pressure hoses, rubber tiles, air brake hose, anti-vibration rubbers.
1936 Establishment of Meiji Rubber Co., Ltd.
Amalgamation with Partnership Firm Meiji Rubber Production.
Capital: 1,200,000 yen
1942 Capital advance: 2,400,000 yen
1945 Capital advance: 4,800,000 yen
Shifted production to contribute industrial rubber products to civil requirements
Production of rubber mills for paper/iron manufacturing,automobile parts,printing blankets,electrical parts,elevating machine parts,large size battery containers for submarines,harbor related products,anti-vibration rubbers for ships,products related to architecture,etc
1950 Capital advance: 9,000,000 yen
1954 Establishment of the Osaka branch (relabeled Osaka Marketing Office in 1974)
Establishment of the Nagoya branch (relabeled Nagoya Automobile Marketing Office in 1984)
1957 Capital advance: 36,000,000 yen
1959 Capital advance: 180,000,000 yen
1961 Capital advance: 216,000,000 yen
1962 Technical tie up with SW Industries, Inc. (U.S.A.)
1963 Establishment of the Kanagawa factory
1964 Technical tie up with Alexander Scherrer, Inc. (West Germany)
1965 Commencement of the production of plastic returnable containers
1969 Closing of the Tokyo factory
Collective amassment to the Kanagawa factory
Conversion of the corporate name to Meiji Rubber & Chemical Co., Ltd.
Relocation of the head office to: Nishishinjuku 1-10-2, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
1972 Technological sublicense contract with San Miguel Brewery Hong Kong Limited
1974 Technological alliance with Polyflex Schwarz GmbH & Co. (West Germany)
1976 Establishment of the Nagoya Marketing Office
1978 Execution of the technological licensing contract with Scherrer Wort Company (West Germany)
1979 Execution of the technological licensing contract with Pyramid Sales Company (U.S.A.)
Execution of the technological disclosure contract with BTR Company (U.S.A.)
1980 Execution of the patent licensing agreement with Monsanto Company (U.S.A.)
1982 Advancement of 237,600,000 yen
1984 Technological alliance with Z. F Company (West Germany)
Execution of the technological licensing contract with Carl Freudenberg Company (West Germany)
Advancement of 312,600,000 yen
1985 Acquirement of the JIS mark indication permit for automobile fluid pressure brake hoses.
1988 Advancement of 692,310,000 yen
1989 Execution of the technological cross license contract with Teito Rubber Co., Ltd.
1991 Execution of the technological licensing contract with Imperial Cable Industry Co., Ltd. (India)
1994 Execution of the technological licensing contract with Tecalmit Co., Ltd. (Austrailia)
1995 Relocation of the head office to: Nishishinjuku 2-3-1,Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Execution of the technological licensing contract with DaeHeung Industrial Co., Ltd. (Korea)
1996 Acquirement of the ISO 9001 certification (assessment/registration)
Technological alliance with McKechnie UK Ltd. (U.K.)
1999 Acquirement of the QS-9000 certification (assessment/registration)
2000 Acquirement of the ISO14001 certification (assessment/registration)
2002 Relocation of the head office to: Nishishinjuku 7-22-35, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
2004 Establishment of Meiji Flow Systems Co., Ltd., separating the auto part enterprise
2007 Foundation of Meiji Rubber & Chemical (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen city (China)
2013 Amalgamation with MEIJIFLEX CO., LTD.